Getting Started — Entering the Virtual World of Second Life

Linden Research has a straightforward eight-point checklist to get started in Second Life.
1. Confirm Access to Second Life — contact your IT department
2. Join Second Life — create your account here
3. Download the Second Life Viewer — a supercharged browser for a 3D environment
4. Plug in Your Headset — incredible spatial voice
5. Login and Welcome to Help Island — first-time users will be sent to Help Island
6. Design Your Avatar — a virtual representation of yourself, more info here
7. Learn how to Operate Second Life — see this easy Second Life Quick-Start Guide
8. Create Your Workspace — optional for land owners

Guests of the Alpine Executive Center are encouraged to teleport directly to the Center.
Install the Second Life viewer. Use the Second Life Search - Places tab, and enter: "Alpine", and click Teleport.
Help is available at the Info Center and the staff will help with specific questions and special instructions.
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Our Getting Started Guide has important system configuration tips and specific information for working in groups and using the meeting support resources at the Center. Our guests can save time and get up to speed quickly by coming directly to the Alpine Executive Center where we give personalized attention.      Second Life already installed ?    Go to the Center Now
 Registration Desk  Registering for a nametag, keyboard and group membership
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See you in-world at the Alpine Executive Center